Monday, 16 April 2012

Hawfinch - Coccothraustes Coccothraustes

I took these photos from the window only a few feet away. What a AWESOME bird! A male Hawfinch. He fought off the Starlings, House Sparrows & Chickens for rights to the window bird table. The Hawfinch was first seen yesterday about 2pm. It fed all day until dark and was back this morning. I took tons of photos, Dad deleted most of them but some are sharp. A Kestrel came thought the garden at least 3 times today and then I saw the Hawfinch was being chased by the Kestrel with out stretched claws but the Hawfinch got away. It came back about 2 hours later and ate on & off until dark.

The Kestrel it missed the Hawfinch but got a House Sparrow.

I'm outside now and that is my reflection in the window.
it is not affaid of me now I can walk up close.

Hawfinch have cool feathers on their wings.

We saw Puffins today too!


  1. I am a bird lover and loved your pictures. I look forward to seeing more. Where I live I get to see lots of birds of prey. I love to see other birds from around the world, so thanks for the picture.

  2. Hey, I loved your pictures. Please upload more pictures i like to see it.

  3. love your puffing and all the photos it reminded of being in wales I miss the fresh ocean air I live in San Marcos Texas
    PS. we float the river in inner tubes and fish
    thanks Y'all Kelly V

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