Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Trip to Foula

Welcome to Foula!
 (this photo was taken at the airport just before leaving.)
 Some of the kids and teachers from Fair Isle Primary School visit the ones at Foula.
 these are some of my photos...

Foula insight from the plane.

I heard Foula's Kame 2nd tallest vertical cliff in the UK.
Over 1200 ft. strait down into the Ocean.

Foula's Crofts and Airstrip viewed from plane.

Foula's fire truck

Foula Primary School


My Fair Isle friend Maria in Foula.

Climbing Hamnafield one of the highest spots on Foula.

We encountered a wild herd of (Shetland) Foula Hill Ponies.

The Foula Kirk /Church

Phone box greenhouse      -      Foula Harbour and Mail Boat

Da Sneck

The Shetland Islander Airplane on the Foula Runway as we are loading to go home to Fair Isle.