Thursday, 22 August 2013

Big Bass

Large Mouth Bass caught in Cotton Lake, Minnesota, USA.
I spent a few weeks Summer Holidays in America this year.

Watch my Bass fishing video Dad made.




5:30 am. can not wait to start fishing!

Cool photo I took early one foggy morning.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Frogs in Minnesota

A Green or Grey Tree Frog

While visiting grandma Karen and Cove in Minnesota, sometimes at night Dad and I went out with our tourches/flashlights and look for frogs around the edge of a nearby farmers pond.


Dad recorded this video...


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Young Birders?

Logan, Dad & I

It was great fun to have my friend Logan from Mid Yell, Shetland on Fair Isle for the long weekend. Logan had six "lifers" his first day! 11 for the weekend! (Lifer - bird species you have never seen before in your whole life.) I didn't have any Lifers, but I'm happy that Logan is adding to his Life List. Dad is not a young Birder!

Highlights include birds we saw ringed at and by the Fair Isle Bird Observitory. 
Bluethrroat - male

Subalpine Warbler - female

Ring Ouzel


Shetland Bee

Tuffed Duck

Red-backed Shrike was in my garden for 4 days.
(the meanie, would fly to the South Harbour to eat the Swallows)

5 dead Barn Swallows found on the South Harbour Beach where the Red-backed Shrike was killing and feeding on the heads of the tired and hungry birds resting after arriving over the sea. 

Dead Sand Martin - decapitated by the Red-backed Shrike.

Snow Buntings

Logan age 13 & Me age 12.
We are very keen, we maybe best young birders in Shetland and it's always fun when we are together looking at wildlife.
See Logan's Blog:

Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Trip to Foula

Welcome to Foula!
 (this photo was taken at the airport just before leaving.)
 Some of the kids and teachers from Fair Isle Primary School visit the ones at Foula.
 these are some of my photos...

Foula insight from the plane.

I heard Foula's Kame 2nd tallest vertical cliff in the UK.
Over 1200 ft. strait down into the Ocean.

Foula's Crofts and Airstrip viewed from plane.

Foula's fire truck

Foula Primary School


My Fair Isle friend Maria in Foula.

Climbing Hamnafield one of the highest spots on Foula.

We encountered a wild herd of (Shetland) Foula Hill Ponies.

The Foula Kirk /Church

Phone box greenhouse      -      Foula Harbour and Mail Boat

Da Sneck

The Shetland Islander Airplane on the Foula Runway as we are loading to go home to Fair Isle.