Saturday, 2 July 2011

Orcas! Killer Whale! Seals Beware!

this is the best Orca sighting I have ever seen!

 I have read Killer Whales (Orcas) are not Whales,
 but the largest Dolphin species. 

Killer Whale!  Orca!  Spekkhogger! (Norwegian)

Orca! Killer Whales hunt Seal! Fair Isle, Shetland, Scotland, UK. from Liz Musser on Vimeo.

Watch This Video My Mom Made!


  1. That's great Henry, well done!

  2. There is a couple on Kauai who play Slack Key Guitar... they played by the water in the same place for 365 days... local animals including whales chimed in... a mama whale even came in to their location to have her baby. The couple sings in a local park several days a week and can tell you which animals are going to join them in each song they sing... such an amazing concert to attend... Linda Walters

  3. Brilliant Henry! I have still to see one. They look awesome!

  4. Well Henry, I can see your blog is going to be a great success! Did you see you got your first hit from Romania? The first of many. In fact I think Maria's granny is going to watch your Mom's video all night! Great work, and keep it up! Elena xx